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Graduate Catalog 2023-2024 
Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

Financial Information

Financial Aid for Graduate Students

For the most current information regarding financial aid for graduate students please visit our website at https://www.lr.edu/financial-aid-costs/graduate-cost-and-aid or contact the Office of Financial Aid at 828.328.7300/800.277.5721.

Tuition and Fees - All Campuses (Non-LTSS)


Graduate - MBA Credit $ 690  
Graduate - Occupational Therapy Credit $ 970  
Graduate - all other programs, including DNP level courses Credit $ 690  
Graduate - DNP 600 level courses Credit $ 970  
  Dietetics Internship   Credit $ 800
  Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate Certificate Programs   Credit $ 670
  Course Audit   Credit $ 300
  Senior Citizens (65+ years) Audit   Credit $ 125

Tuition and Fees - Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary


MDiv, MACM and MTS:      
  Full Time Tuition   Semester $ 10,300
  More than 14 credits in a semester   Credit $ 690
  Less than 9 credits in a semester   Credit $ 900
  Audit   Credit $300
  Summer Semester   Credit $ 690
  ELCA Internship (paid by sponsor parish)   Year $ 1,000

Housing (Open to ALL Columbia Students)

  Single (Single Occupancy) Year $ 4,000  
  Summer Single (Single Occupancy) Week $ 200  
  2 Bedroom (Single or Family) Year $ 9,200  
  2 Bedroom (Double Occupancy) Per Student Year $ 4,600  
  3-4 Bedroom (Triple Occupancy) Per Student Year $ 3,200  
Summer Housing: (Prorated for partial months)      
  2 Bedroom (Single or Family) June-Aug $ 3,100  
  2 Bedroom (Double Occupancy) Per Student June-Aug $ 1,550  
  3-4 Bedroom (Triple Occupancy) Per Student June-Aug $ 1,033  
  Storage Fee Month $ 300  

Full Time on Campus

  Tuition (full time Non-Lutherans) Year $ 20,600  
  Room (Assumes 2 bedroom apartment single or family) Year $ 9,200  
  TOTAL Year $ 29,800  


Health Insurance

Domestic student health insurance is not available through Lenoir-Rhyne. International Student health insurance rates are as follows:

Premium Type Type of Student Cost
Annual International Student (Aug - July) $1,245
Annual International Student/Intercollegiate Athlete (Aug - July) $1,481

Other Fees

Students will be assessed other fees for the services indicated below:

Course Fees: some courses have additional course fees to cover additional expenses. Course fees are noted in the course description for each individual course and/or on the course syllabus received at the beginning of each course.

Payments and Refunds

Statements provided to students and/or parents prior to the beginning of the semester will reflect charges, credits, deposits and a pro-rated portion of financial aid known at the time the statement was generated. Balances on accounts unpaid after the due dates listed on the statements are subject to finance charges that accrue every 30 days at a rate of 1.5% per month. Accounts that are past due may be turned over to a collection agency at which time additional fees may be incurred. The charge for returned checks is $25.

Any students who have a prior unpaid balance on their account at the beginning of an academic term will be dropped from their registered classes and will not be permitted to receive copies of transcripts or their diplomas, live in a residence hall, or receive meals in the university cafeteria.

Deposits are credited to the account in the first session. Students who do not matriculate or who withdraw within the first two weeks of a semester forfeit their deposit. Room charges are not refunded, and board charge refunds are pro-rated on a weekly basis. Tuition charge adjustments are based on the following:

Withdrawal from classes: Course charges are based on the student’s registration as of the end of the Add/Drop period. No refunds will be given for individual course withdrawals after the end of the Add/Drop period except in the case where the student officially and completely withdraws from the university.

Withdrawal from University: Students who withdraw from the university must be removed from all courses by completing forms with BEAR Central.

The return of financial aid is based on the official withdrawal date - the date in which the student initiated withdrawal from the university with BEAR Central. A fair and equitable tuition adjustment will be calculated according to the university withdrawal policy as follows:

Tuition Adjustment Schedule for Fall & Spring Semesters

For 16 Week Courses:  
  100% During the Drop/Add period
  85% During second week of classes
  75% During third week of classes
  60% During fourth week of classes
  25% During weeks five through eight
  0% After eighth week of classes
For 8 Week Courses:  
  100% During the Drop/Add period
  60% During second week of classes
  25% During weeks three and four
  0% After fourth week of classes

Tuition Adjustment Schedule for Summer Semester

For 10 Week Courses:  
  100% During the Drop/Add period
  80% During second week of classes
  70% During third week of classes
  50% During fourth week of classes
  25% During fifth week of classes
  0% After fifth week of classes
For 5 Week Courses:  
  100% During the Drop/Add period
  50% During second week of classes
  25% During third week of classes
  0% After third week of classes

*Note: for Maymester refund schedule, please contact the Business Office.


Return of Title IV Policy


The treatment of Title IV aid is governed by the Higher Education Amendments of 1998, Section 484B 34CFR 668.22. These Federal Regulations require Lenoir Rhyne University to determine the amount of aid a student earned based upon the length of time the student is enrolled during a semester (payment period). This process is called a Return of Title IV Aid calculation.  The Return of Title IV Aid calculation is based on a student’s withdrawal date. An official withdrawal date is defined as the date in which the student initiates contact with BEAR Central and/or the date in which said office becomes aware of the withdrawal from another university official. An unofficial withdrawal date is assigned to a student who does not successfully complete any of his / her courses (receives all F grades or U grades), stops attending classes and does not complete any coursework as of the 50% point of the semester without officially withdrawing from the university, as required. If a student completes 60% or less of the term, the percentage of the semester completed is the percentage of aid earned. If a student completes at least one day beyond the 60% point of the semester, the student will earn 100% of the aid disbursed. 

In accordance with Federal Regulations the Office of Financial Aid will:

  • perform the calculation to return funds within 30 days of a student’s withdrawal, and
  • funds will be returned to the appropriate federal aid program within 45 days of the withdrawal date.         

Following a complete withdrawal from the university (as defined in the Academic Regulation Policy) the Office of Financial Aid will first determine if any Title IV Financial Aid Programs need to be repaid by either the university or the student. The amount of university reimbursement due to financial aid programs as determined by the Return of Title IV Aid calculation must be repaid before a tuition adjustment can be calculated. If the Return of Title IV calculation results in an amount to be returned that exceeds the university’s portion, the student will be notified and responsible for returning this portion.

Reimbursements to Title IV Financial Aid Programs are distributed in the following order:

  1. Unsubsidized Direct Loans 
  2. Subsidized Direct Loans
  3. Direct PLUS Loans
  4. Federal Pell Grants
  5. Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants
  6. FSEOG
  7. TEACH Grants


Eligibility for post-withdrawal disbursements is considered within the Return of Title IV Aid process. After a student has withdrawn, the Office of Financial Aid will notify the student of any funding available to them through a post-withdrawal disbursement via email, and by mail. This notification will be provided to the student within 45 days for federal grants, and within 30 days for federal loans. The Office of Financial Aid request the student return the disbursement approval form provided to them within 14 days. Post-withdrawal funds will be applied to outstanding student account balances, and any resulting credit balance on the student’s account will be disbursed to the student within 14 days of the post withdrawal disbursement.

Lenoir-Rhyne reserves the right to modify the university withdrawal policy to comply with federal, state, and other regulatory bodies.


Return of Unearned Military Tuition Assistance (TA) Policy


The treatment of Military Tuition Assistance is governed by the Department of Defense. Military Tuition Assistance (TA) is awarded to a student under the assumption that the student will remain enrolled for the entire period for which the assistance is granted. When a student withdraws from the university, the student may no longer be eligible for the full amount of Tuition Assistance originally awarded. To comply with DOD policy, the university will return any unearned TA funds on a proportional basis through at least the 60 percent portion of the student’s period of enrollment. The funds will be returned back to the governing agency/branch of service.

The return of unearned Military Tuition Assistance percentages of return are aligned with the Return of Title IV policy governed by the Higher Education Amendments of 1998, Section 484B 34CFR 668.22.

In instances where a student discontinues attendance due to a military service obligation, the university will work with the affected student (service member) to identify appropriate solutions that will not result in student debt directly related to the returned portion of Tuition Assistance.

Payment Plans

The university recognizes the substantial burden of paying for and financing higher education. In order to assist students and parents with this issue, the university offers a semester payment plan that will assist students and parents in paying for tuition over the number of weeks within a particular semester. Payment plan options may be reviewed through the student’s myLR account by reviewing the “Make a Payment” screen. If you are interested in this service, you can learn more by contacting (828) 328-7105.

Adjustments to Charges

Lenoir-Rhyne University reserves the right to adjust any and all charges at any time and to modify refund policies in order to maintain compliance with federal, state and other regulatory bodies. In general, the university adjusts tuition and fees on an annual basis.